Dearborn, Michigan (Full)

DreamHouse Detroit's Startup House

Ideal for Solo-Founders building Technology and Software companies. Live and work with other like-minded entrepreneurs creating exciting new digital products and services.

Freshly renovated rooms available for rent in Dearborn, near Ford and Beaumont Hospital. Lots of natural light, beautiful hardwood floors.

Best candidates would be someone who is into technology, entrepreneurial, minimalist. embraces the Co-living/Co-working lifestyle.

Why Join?

Equity-Free Program

Unlike accelerators that require you to move across the country and give up 5%- 10% of your Startup, our program is 100% equity-free and you can participate from anywhere in the world.

Online Study Program With Live Sessions

Our curriculum includes live classes, mentor and advisor hours, masterminds, training videos, quizzes, tests, best practice/case study reports, and online and audiobooks. We go beyond recorded video lectures and offer virtual classroom sessions for real learning.


Mentorship is at the core of our HexGn Startup Ready Program and we don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” advice that founders often get. At HexGn, seasoned coaches who have trained numerous executives, work alongside the Startup founders. We roll up our sleeves and figure stuff out – everything – together with the founders.


Working, not just alongside us, but with the other founders of the cohort will become the foundation of your support system. Being a founder can be tough, few people understand what you go through – no matter if you struggle alone or are responsible for hundreds of people. We are there for you during and after the program and founders often form strong fellow entrepreneur ties that subside long after they exit the HexGn Program

Startup to Exit Roadmap

Progress through the program to develop your Startup and funding roadmap with experts and mentors alongside our community of CEO's and investors.

How the Process Works

We have 3 rooms at DreamHouse Detroit and a rolling application process. This is because it’s a little hard to predict exactly when a room will become free. You know these entrepreneur types. Today they’re in Detroit, tomorrow they might be in San Francisco and the day after that they’re probably in Hong Kong. For this reason, we keep an open “Prospect List.” To get on the list, fill out the application process below. We’ll review your application and contact you when a room opens up to see if the timing is still right. Typically, we know three months before when a room is going to become available, but there are also opportunities to sublet from residents.

The Interview and Evaluation Process

The interview process at DreamHouse is two-fold. First, we look at your application and experience to see what kind of entrepreneur you are. We try to fill the house with a diverse array of profiles so there is no right or wrong (or left). The most important thing is that we can see your passion and gain a general understanding of who you are as a person. What do you like to do? What are your ambitions? What are you hoping to get out of living in DreamHouse? We want you to shine through your application so that you move on to the next round of the process!

The important thing to remember about DreamHouse is that it is a home. So, getting in doesn’t just revolve around how good you look on paper, it’s also heavily based on your personality and how you jive with the people, especially the residents who are going to be your roommates. Therefore, once we’ve evaluated the current pool of applicants, we figure out a shortlist of candidates that are invited to an intimate “interview” with the residents. We use quotations because it’s not a suit and tie answer a ton of serious questions kind of interview, but a chance for you to meet the Dreamers and them to meet you. Typically, these interviews are fun meet and greets that revolve around brunch, coffee, or dinner.


  • Private rooms
  • ScrumMaster and Agile coaching
  • Laundry on-site
  • Marketing/Sales/Advertising services for your business/company
  • Financing/Funding assistance for your tech startup
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DreamHouse Detroit's Startup House

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