Tangstad Bøstad, Nordland

Private Room

A comfortable big bed, which can be split apart so friends can share the room without getting intimate. The interior in the private rooms ensures a maximum of comfort. Prices from.

Capsule Dorm

The perfect combination between affordable accommodation and privacy. Our organic wooden capsules are nice, cosy and even has its own power plugs & light inside.

A Place to Dock

Do you have a mobile home? This is the option for you! Here you can park your car or dock your sailboat and have access to all of the Lodge facilities including kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and workspace.

Coworking + Community

Do you already have a place to live in Lofoten, but search coworking and community? Choose this option and you will have access to a workspace with fast internet, our weekly masterminds and as much coffee or tea as you can stomach.

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