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Spaces and Experiences made with Community in Mind

DreamHouse works hard to create very bohemian, comfortable and inviting spaces. We promote ethical, sustainable and collaborative ways of doing business and networking. Our memberships and event spaces are a reflection of this philosophy. Our members are change makers who are innovating at the forefront of many different sectors, but what brings them together at DreamHouse is the eagerness to share knowledge and learn from each other in a trusted peer environment. 

Our spaces are placed and designed to encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas on small and large scale and as we also offer cyber-frist events and programming you never have to miss out on the fun. In addition to robust services we provide the residents of our living and working spaces DreamClub members enjoy perks and benefits along with programming and adventures only found through DreamHouse.

Ideal environments for meeting new people

DreamHouse Provides the ideal environment for meeting new people. We offer our members the support, infrastructure and tools needed to create the connections, momentum and recognition that will grow their businesses, careers, and networks. 

Without being exclusive, we allow people to push through boundaries by offering inspiration, encouragement and opportunities for collaboration. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds – from design and music to technology startups – so we are always surrounded by a wealth of rich and varied knowledge.


One of DreamHouse’s desires is to organically grow to be an incubator for creatives. We strive to encourage the growth and development of our members both within and out of the workspace. To fulfill this, DreamHouse host on site and cyber art showcases


Performances in our bar-cafe space serves as a time to unwind and socialize with other Members. These evenings reflect the creativity and energy within the space on a more laid-back note.


Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for members, on the go is extremely important to our team. incorporating weekly fitness initiatives on a schedule that works for our members helps up-keep the physical energy and mental clarity of our membership.

Providing convenient fitness opportunities for our members is a way for them to really immerse themselves not only in DreamHouse, but in the neighbourhood that DreamHouse is so proudly located in. The aim of fitness initiatives is to provide young professionals and creatives with the opportunity and motivation that their minds and bodies need for a creative reset and to inspire this balance within DreamHouse.


We select locations placed in remote and prime locations around the world so our members can get out and explore and make the most memorable experiences. From safari’s in Kenya, to excursions in Norway and city skyline dinners in Hong Kong we offer adventure packages right for everyone.


Our spaces provide work space that creates an environment for members to collaborate and build with one another. Part of this includes workshops and talk series run by members on a monthly basis, offering the skills and strategies they have mastered to each other in order to help grow and better each and every business within the space.


Due to the Covid 19 virus and changes in consumer trends DreamHouse has the opportunity to introduce in-unit entertainment, adding another level of customization to our units and workspaces. Programming includes a combination of live and pre-recorded events, activities, classes, and workshops to help our members grow and accomplish their individual goals.

Subscription Model

Renters are able to sign-up for DreamClub membership in place of a traditional lease agreement. Memberships offer access to fully furnished units, private events, and the ability to add-on additional services offered by our community and local vendor partners such as remote cooking, workout, and meditation courses that come with supplies and more.


Tenants pay at minimum $500 a week or $1,800 a month for global access to a network of luxury living and working spaces with cleaning services and access to bonus excursion packages. From Landlords we take a 10% management fee on revenue and a 5% fee on gross operating profits.

DreamClub General Membership

Access to events (in-person and cyber-frist)
Access to online/offline Network
Video Access to first-class events (access to any Dream Home Event)
Reduced rate when traveling between other dream houses
Dream House Excursions
Group Eats Night
Stays as short as a few months


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