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Real Estate Partners

Lease Your Space With DreamHouse

Co-living creates higher revenue opportunities for developers and lower cost of living for renters. Our real estate partner benefit is two-fold: The shared space model not only offers a higher net income per square foot, but also by targeting a broader target market with fewer housing options, shared spaces are more resistant to a downturn than traditional multi family. While residents do in fact pay less for a unit, developers can fit many more units into a building, resulting in a greater overall return.

Coliving combines private living spaces with shared amenities and common areas. The idea behind coliving spaces is that renters share areas such as living spaces and kitchens in order to accommodate more renters on a single floor plan. This creates higher revenue opportunities for developers and lower cost of living for renters as the cost of shared spaces is amortized over a greater number of bedrooms than in a traditional residential development.

we are also interested in taking on any spaces be it a single apartment or building.

DreamHouse is an Online Aggregator of short stay service and shared apartments and workspaces.

Smarter Spaces​

Improving our members connection to our spaces by making them smarter in terms of design, functionality, and integration.

Better Services

Through designer furnished spaces, our application, and partnerships with local vendors we’re expanding our in unit and out of unit services.

Customizable Community

Global community connected through the DreamApp. Events, excursions, courses, work outs, and more can be added as a one time or reoccurring parts of a membership.

Partnership Models

Listing Fees

Landlords can list their units with us for a 4% – 9% listing fee. We require that these listings meet our DreamHouse standard.

Revenue Share

Property owners share in the profits from the property that DreamHouse is operating, but also share in the downside risk of a slow season or OR extrinsic event. This is a great option for those that want to buy an STR/HMO property but don’t want to operate it on their own.

Master Lease/Ownership

Property owners are not exposed to any occupancy risk, but also have no variable upside in renting property to DreamHouse. This is likely a less profitable option for the property owner. While a gross lease is preferred, DreamHouse will also entertain N, NN and NNN leases under the right circumstances.

Real Estate

Real Estate