We offer office space, living quarters, networking, and small business support through partnerships with fortune 500 companies at a fraction of the cost in the following locations:

Making The World A Home

Featured Spaces

Detroit, USA

DreamHouse Detroit’s Startup House is ideal for solo-founders building Technology and Software companies.

Tangstad Bøstad, Nordland

The perfect combination between affordable accommodation and privacy. Our organic wooden capsules are nice, cosy and even has its own power plugs & light inside.

Hong Kong

Best candidates would be someone who is into technology, entrepreneurial, minimalist. embraces the Co-living/Co-working lifestyle.

Why DreamHouse

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Events & Programs

Aimed at entertaining but also forwarding careers and business practices, and local discounts with partner shops and service provider. 

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Micro-Units &
Co-Working Space

Have the ability to choose spaces that specializes in service hospitality, flexibility, and cutting edge experiences

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Local Discounts

Members will recieve local benefits with partner shops and service providers.

Become a member today and experience a globally connect network of spaces!

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